Tuesday, March 6, 2012

McKune FGX CF conversion up close Part 1

Racer Robert got his chassis today from Mckune Design. And he didn't waste any time getting it together. He only sent me one pic, probably because he didn't want to rub in the fact that mine got lost in the mail. Funny thing, the mail, a package can make it from Vancouver, Washington all the way to Texas in 2 days. But gets delivered to a house 45 miles from mine, now it will take several days to get it those last 45 miles. One county over. Fine job guys. I'm teasing, kinda, it wont take long to get it to me. I expect it tomorrow. Of course, if its not here, I will throw a temper tantrum and report it here lol. Regardless, I am expecting a full track report from Robert that I will post tomorrow night as well.

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