Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tamiya F104WGP Build pics

Racer Robert is working on a Tamiya F104W GP Edition for one of the guys at Mikes. He was gracious enough to send me some pics of the build. He says that all the blue parts are not standard. While the new steering knuckles are gorgeous black anodized aluminium that are not going to break. Looks like a good piece of kit. I will grab a set of the steering knuckles and axles myself when I get the 200mm going again.


  1. nice to have some 200mm kits the look of these cars...
    is the battery inline? looks like it could be turned as well.

  2. Battery is inline, but I believe I can be turned. I will get a better look at it this weekend at the track. I haven't actually laid my eyes on it yet.